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Twitter reactions to Mike Munchak being hired as Steelers offensive line coach

Reactions are generally positive regarding the latest Steelers offensive line coach.

Grant Halverson

Position coaches usually don't carry with them a huge following. Some might call it a distraction.

Generally speaking, fans and media types alike are excited about the prospects of Mike Munchak guiding Pittsburgh's young and athletic offensive line.

Simply put, it's hard to disagree. He has excellent experience and his track record as far as offensive lines go is impeccable.

Munchak flirted with a few head coaching jobs, including Penn State's opening that eventually went to James Franklin. Incidentally, the other offensive line job he considered was offered by former Penn State coach Bill O'Brien.

The Steelers hated Munchak as a head coach. One of the few head coaches with a winning record against the Steelers. Oh, and the Steelers play at Tennessee this year.

Pssst....I think by "U know who," he means (whispering) Todd Haley. He's right though, the drawback of this is the easy division of media and fans over who they think is responsible for any success, but more importantly, any failures that may come up. Steering the ship is on Mike Tomlin.

Munchak's success against Pittsburgh came both in Nashville and on the road. Neither of his last two Titans' teams finished better than the Steelers did, yet, he managed wins in both settings.

He could coach against the Steelers as if he existed in their heads. Imagine what he can do coaching in a more narrow focused group and against the team he should know better than the Steelers.