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Steelers Film Room: Breaking down T.J. Watt’s good, and bad, moments in his NFL debut

The Pittsburgh Steelers top rookie from the 2017 NFL Draft had his shining moments in his NFL debut, but it wasn’t all perfect.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at New York Giants Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

It didn’t long for T.J. Watt to make his presence known in the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants preseason game in Week 1 as he stuffed the stat sheet in both sacks, tackles and tackles for loss. Today, I go through the film in a new experimental way, in this extensive video film breakdown.

See what Watt did well, how his two sacks weren’t just “gimme” sacks, and what still needs to be improved if he wants to be an elite pass rusher at the NFL level. Check out the video below!

(Author’s Note: Please give me as much feedback as humanly possible. This was my first time editing ever and recording my voice. I want to try to continue this if at all possible, but it all comes with the help of you. I need your thoughts and feedback. Does my voice sound loud or soft, is there not enough graphics in the plays, are the transitions smooth?

These are the type of things I’ll need your feedback on and I’m hopeful that I will get it.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy!)