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Steelers Film Room: Jarvis Jones hit on Chris Johnson, Mike Adams misses and poor tackling

Fundamentals on both sides of the ball were poor in the Steelers' loss to Tennessee, with the offense more guilty. As Mike Tomlin said during his post-game press conference, the Steelers are going to have to prepare better, execute better, and coach better to turn things around when they travel to Cincinnati for Week 2.

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I am probably the president of the Steve McLendon fan club. The vice president of the Steve McLendon fan club may be Chance Warmack, considering the McLendon knocked him four yards in the backfield on this 4th and short play. Amazingly, the Titans were still able to convert, due to egregiously missed tackles by both Larry Foote and Lawrence Timmons.

As you can see, the Tennessee offensive line gets man-handled on this play. They are pushed off the ball by at least 2 yards, some more. However, both Foote and Timmons totally whiff on the tackle. Even more ridiculous, the running back, Jackie Battle, doesn't even put a move on them. They just flat-out miss. Words can't really describe how had this is.

Speaking of bad, I wonder if our editor Neal (praise be upon him) will sit one day with his daughter and reminisce about how during the first five years of her life, the Steeler offensive line could not stop a standard T-E stunt.

Honestly, if Mike Adams is just going stand and watch, he should have to pay for a ticket like the rest of us. I have no idea what Adams is thinking. He sees the DE loop inside. He has to feel Foster pushing the DT toward him so he can redirect on the looping defensive end. Moreover, there was no one threatening the edge pre-snap. If so, you could maybe understand why he would have no idea that another defender was coming on his inside.

It gets worse. It's 3rd down. The Steelers are losing. You have to expect the Titans to pin their ears back and rush. You have to expect this type of stunt. Adams looks completely fooled. How can that be? Getting beat physically is one thing. It's the NFL, it happens. But how can Adams, on a 3rd down play late in a ball game, be caught completely off guard?

To be honest, I'm not sure if this last play is a highlight or not. Really, when did Jason Worilds ever make a play like this? I'll wait.

I like the idea of resting Woodley so he can rush the passer with more aggression and explosion in the 4th quarter. But, I really do not think there is any reason why Worilds should be playing more plays than Jones. For that matter, I don't think it should be close. All Jones does is make plays. Additionally, the more he plays, the better he is going to get. Jones is going to create turnovers and tackles for losses. Without the defense doing those things on a consistent basis, I cannot see this offense making enough plays to win.

Jones plays with a sense of urgency, and honestly, that what the entire team seems to need right now. A collective sense of urgency to prepare and play the game with great effort and execution. The last time I remember the Steelers playing with a consistent sense of urgency was when they started 3-1 without Ben Roethlisberger. Tomlin memorably said that rumors of their demise were exaggerated. Well, those rumors are back now with a vengeance. Hopefully, the Steelers will respond accordingly.

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