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Troy Polamalu times snap count again, gets tackle-for-loss of Titans QB Jake Locker

Steelers safety Troy Polamalu eliminated all questions about his explosion in Pittsburgh's 16-9 loss to Tennessee Sunday. This play in particular shows how he's the player he once was.

Justin K. Aller

In a game that was otherwise marred by injuries and depressing production, Steelers safety Troy Polamalu notched yet another career highlight against the Tennessee Titans.


This was perhaps even more impressive than when he landed on top of Titans QB Kerry Collins when the teams met in 2010.

The Titans were rushing to the line to get a play off after what might have been something the Steelers wanted to review. Polamalu noticed the rushed set on the line, guessed on the snap count and arrived in Locker's grill only milliseconds after Locker even had the ball in his hands.

It was amazing Locker managed to hold onto the ball.

Polamalu was given credit for a tackle-for-loss on the play, largely because Locker only slightly appears to have been preparing to hand the ball off. The center didn't see Polmalu as he blew clear past him into the backfield.

He's had several career highlight-reel worthy plays against the Titans in particular. This one came amid a loss, but it certainly wasn't the fault of Polamalu. He played an outstanding game, and showed he has the explosion he was lacking in his time on the field last year.

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