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Steelers Film Room: Stephon Tuitt is starting, and here's why

We break down Steelers rookie Stephon Tuitt against Cleveland, and see reasons why he should be starting Monday vs. the Houston Texans, injuries or no injuries.

Steelers rookie DL Stephon Tuitt will start Monday against the Houston Texans. We're breaking down why he should have the job and hang onto it, even when Steve McLendon comes back from injury.

Tuitt had some nice plays in this game, including a few that really highlighted his strength. It's difficult moving him off of the line of scrimmage and, with that capability, the Steelers can win a few more plays than they have been at the left defensive-end position.

There still are a few things the rookie will need to work out, and the upcoming game Monday against the quality offensive line of the Texans will give him an excellent workout. Still, he's the right guy now in the right situation along the Steelers' defensive line.