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Steelers quarter-season awards: What in the world is up with Jason Worilds?

Jason Worilds has shown flashes of the kind of player he was at the end of last season, but the frequency with which he shows it hasn't been consistent. We should expect a stronger Worilds through four quarters of each game, but that's up to him.

The Steleers signed outside linebacker Jason Worilds to a 1-year, $9.75 million contract this off-season after designating him their Transition Player. The hope in doing so was to buy some time to negotiate a long-term deal after Worilds was among the best pass-rushing OLBs in the NFL during the second half of last season.

He hasn't exactly duplicated that performance so far in 2014.

We break Worilds down in plays from the Steelers' games Weeks 1-3 and notice a trend that's perhaps telling for the entire Steelers defense; he's one player in the first half, he's a completely different, less effective player in the second half, and the fourth quarter in particular.

The plays we highlight don't show the full scope of Worilds' work so far this season, but they do show situations in which the talented but, so far, inconsistent Worilds should be able to win the vast majority of the time.

It's correctable but currently represents an issue for a Steelers' defense that has ability, but still is finding its way in the NFL.