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Steelers Film Room: Pass protection at its finest in Pittsburgh vs. Colts

The Steelers' offensive line may never have had a better game in terms of pass protection during the Mike Tomlin Era. We break down a few examples of that on Steelers Film Room.

Pass protection was the key to Ben Roethlisberger's career-game in Week 8. He'll need this same level of protection again facing a fiercely committed Ravens' rush, which is probably the best team-based pressure scheme the Steelers will see all year.

We highlight a few plays including good exchanges between Mike Adams and David DeCastro, good chips from running back Le'Veon Bell, plus some quality protection along with a deep throw from a max-protect set. The Steelers' offensive line has been the centerpiece of the franchise's rebuilding efforts over the last few years, and it's starting to really pay dividends. Excellent games from all across the line and, if the Steelers can continue with this level of protection, we won't be talking anymore about just finishing above .500 in Pittsburgh.