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Steelers Film Room: Communication key in defensive big plays vs. Jaguars

The Steelers played four quarters of quality defense in Week 5, something they haven't done this season. A big part of that stretch of play was individuals communicating among each other. It led to big plays.

The Steelers saw big plays late in the game on the defensive side of the ball for the first time in a while. That's an excellent thing to see, but what makes it better are the communications they made before some of those plays.

Lining up correctly, and knowing and executing one's role are keys to quality defense. Sometimes it takes the team making sure everyone is in the best possible position to succeed. We saw that on a few plays in Pittsburgh's win over Jacksonville in Week 5.

We also get a great look at rookie Stephon Tuitt, who helped teammate Jason Worilds rack up a sack (just barely beating James Harrison to the spot).

Whatever is being said about the Steelers' offense, this was a game won by the team's defense. It was refreshing to see a level of team play as strong as the Steelers showed in this game and, hopefully, they'll show more in the future.