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Steelers Film Room: Watch out for James Harrison

It appears Steelers OLB James Harrison is finding his old, dominant self again, and he recently met up with an old friend in an old location; Joe Flacco in the Ravens' backfield.

Meet James Harrison. He's the guy spending an awful lot of time in the backfield of the Steelers' opponents (four sacks in two games). Most recently, you should recognize him as the dominant force behind the Steelers' 43-23 win over the Baltimore Ravens in Week 9.

Harrison is no secret, that's for sure, we just haven't seen this version of Harrison in quite a while. He has always been strong but his flexibility is coming back, he looks like he's in better shape and the result is a Steelers defense that's quietly rising in terms of sacks and takeaways - two areas where the Steelers have found themselves near the bottom of the league the last three seasons.

We break down some of Harrison's highlights from the Week 9 win over the Ravens here on Steelers Film Room.