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Steelers video: Defense suffocates Chiefs in 20-12 victory

Pittsburgh's defense came alive in a big win over the Chiefs in Week 16. Here are the game highlights.

The Steelers used a concept that's been absent in Pittsburgh recently in a 20-12 win over the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 16.


There are a few quality offensive plays in here too, but the defense stole the show. We're giving you a look into the plays that made the Steelers' victory, one that gave the Steelers their first playoff berth since 2011.

More than anything, a key fourth down stop and a forced fumble shows the Steelers defense is coming alive, right in time for the team to take on the Cincinnati Bengals for the AFC North championship in Week 17.

Ignore the video saying it was still undecided whether the game would be flexed to prime time; kickoff has since been rescheduled for 8:30 p.m. ET on Sunday Night Football.

We'll have more entries for Steelers Film Room this week, so enjoy this one for now, more to follow.