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Steelers Film Room: Development of Martavis Bryant shows he's not a one-trick pony

Bryant can make plays down the field but he's showing growth in terms of inside route-running, footwork and hands usage too. The sky is the limit for the team's fourth-round draft pick.

Steelers fans hate one-trick ponies. That's a distinction they may not have to worry about too much with rookie wide receiver Martavis Bryant.

Sure, Bryant has made his presence felt over the second half of the season with a slew of big plays, but the 6-foot-3 receiver is showing development in terms of his footwork and his hands as he battles on inside routes as well.

The Steelers want that big inside presence at the split end position, as well as a guy who can take the top off a defense. It would seem after just eight games that's what they have in Bryant.

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