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Steelers highlights: Seven key plays in Steelers' win over Cincinnati Bengals in Week 14

The Steelers got several big plays in their Week 14 win over the Cincinnati Bengals. We break down the seven biggest of the game.

It was all about Le'Veon Bell and his buddy, linebacker Emmanuel Lemur.

A few other Steelers made highlight plays, but Lemur covering Bell, and Lemur chasing Bell, littered the list of the seven key plays in the Steelers' win over the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 14. Not to knock Lemur because many players have been beaten in short-field competition this season, but Bell went off in this game.

There's a whole lot of Heath Miller, and there's even a bit of the Bane of the Bengals Special Teams, Terence Garvin. There's a lot of a bunch of people, so give it a watch, and enjoy the fact the Steelers are 8-5, having clinched their 11th consecutive non-losing season, knocking off the division-leading Bengals in Cincinnati 42-21.