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John Mitchell Boot Camp Part I: Steelers defensive end Cameron Heyward

Steelers defensive line coach John Mitchell is one of the best in the business. The Steelers are looking at him to resurrect a dominant Steelers defensive line in 2014. His star pupil? Cameron Heyward, who we break down here.

The Steelers are in a transition this season from an older, more familiar defensive line. It's the perfect opportunity for one of the best position coaches in the game to instill his knowledge on the contributors of the Steelers' future.

In Part I, we focus on defensive end Cameron Heyward, who, incidentally, played a 3-technique plenty often in 2013, perhaps as part of the reason why he exploded onto the scene as one of the Steelers' best players this season.

Heyward has Pro Bowl written all over him after a dominant third year, and he could climb to even higher heights, for the reasons we illustrate in the video.

It's a four-part series, and we'll focus on three other Steelers' defensive linemen as the Steelers gear up for the second wave of OTAs practices, beginning Tuesday in Pittsburgh.

Part II will be up this week, look for it, and make sure to "like" and "share" and all those other cool social media things.