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John Mitchell Boot Camp: Daniel McCullers could be steal if he stays high on confidence, low on technique

The Tennessee Shade Tree has lots of technical issues he may end up having to work out on the practice squad, but it's clear why the Steelers drafted him in the sixth round.

The Steelers selected Tennessee defensive lineman Daniel McCullers in the sixth round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

The question is, was he taken too high or too low?

His technique is too high, but his expectations are low enough he could impress in training camp. His size clearly gives him an advantage but his Pterodactyl-like wingspan makes him an intriguing utility lineman.

In the clips we break down, we see McCullers stay too high but display a good sense of awareness of what offenses were doing, and enough quickness to be able to make something of a play. Granted, these are more cherry-picked plays, but in them it's clear why many thought McCullers could go as high as the fifth round.

They also show why he didn't go earlier than the sixth.

Steelers defensive line coach John Mitchell has his work cut out in McCullers, and while odds would favor the Tennessee Shade Tree spending a year on the practice squad, many outstanding Steelers defensive lineman begin as late draft picks or practice squad players. He's one of the key players to watch in training camp, beginning July 25 in Latrobe.