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John Mitchell Boot Camp: Steelers nose tackle/defensive end Cam Thomas

Thomas moves well laterally and plays with good strength at the point of attack. We break him down in three different games from last season in the latest edition of our video series John Mitchell Boot Camp.

This is Part II of a four-part video series highlighting Steelers' defensive linemen and what defensive line coach John Mitchell has to work with this season. Watch Part I: Cameron Heyward here, and look for the other two to be released soon.

The Steelers signed ex-Chargers defensive lineman Cam Thomas with the idea he can play in multiple positions across the Steelers' front line. For a relatively low price, the Steelers acquired a versatile player with good lateral movement and enough strength to be able to move interior linemen and help occupy blockers. This will leave the Steelers' athletic linebackers and safeties free to pursue the ball.

In many ways, Thomas is exactly what the Steelers needed. While there have been alleged issues with his conditioning in the past, he can contribute at a high level on a 15-18 snap basis, and give the Steelers a much-needed shot of variety up front.