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Steelers Film Room: Some splash defensive plays in celebration of the return of James Harrison

The Steelers' defensive line and linebackers took a big step forward in Sunday's win over Carolina. With the loss of three starters, they'll have to lead the way heading into a home tilt with the Buccaneers.

The Steelers, as a team, may not have known who they were just a few days before the return of their former teammate, James Harrison, but they played Week 3 as if Harrison was on the field in his prime.

We broke down a few of their splash plays on defense and a big play on special teams that show this Steelers' defensive line is capable of playing at a much higher level than in the previous two games so far this young season. While the loss of Jarvis Jones will be tough to handle, the insertion of Arthur Moats into the lineup may help this evolving defense stay on track in their early season quest to gel into a cohesive unit.

Steve McLendon played well vs. Carolina and against a tough assignment in Panthers center Ryan Kalil. "Wreck It" Cam Heyward got back to his 2013 form in this game and Cam Thomas was in on a few plays as well.

The Steelers may not get the prime-level James Harrison of Pittsburgh legend, but perhaps the rising trajectory of the current defense will lead to the emergence of another player filling a role very similar to the one defined by Harrison.

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