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Steelers Film Room: Key plays in Pittsburgh's 27-24 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Steelers had huge stretches of great play on both sides of the ball but, ultimately, their defense could not get a stop. Three Ben Roethlisberger touchdowns were for naught, but they also show this team is capable of great things on the offensive side of the ball.

There were good things and there were bad things. With the bad, we'll never remember the good but two of Ben Roethlisberger's touchdown passes were too good to ignore. In doing that, though, we have to point out the bad, which was the long pass play to Louis Murphy - the same receiver who, along with Bruce Gradkowski, killed the Steelers late in the game in 2009.

The Steelers sit at 2-2 after a roller-coaster ride through the first quarter of the NFL season. Breaking these plays down this week, as well as others from the previous three weeks, one thing we know is we really don't know this team. Offensively, it can be crisp and sharp, and might look like one that will score on half of its possessions at worst. But if the offense doesn't carry the day, the defense isn't ready to fly on its own yet.

That summarizes much of the loss in Week 4, but let's look at the film and see what else we can figure out as the Steelers continue through a puzzling 2014 season.