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Steelers Film Room: A look back at Markus Wheaton's career day vs. Seattle

We take a look at some of the bigger plays from Markus Wheaton's big day against the Seattle Seahawks.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Markus Wheaton had the best game of his career last Sunday with his nine catches for 201 yards and a touchdown. His yards were not in garbage time and had a big impact on the game as several of his receptions came on third down when the team needed someone to get open for quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

We do a review of two of those plays, as well as his touchdown in the fourth quarter.

First Play:

Finding the soft spot in a zone defense is not always easy, but Wheaton makes it look that way as he runs his route perfectly past the first down marker for Roethlisberger to complete a third down conversion. Wheaton being a reliable receiver for the Steelers means that if you put as much effort as Seattle did in doubling Antonio Brown and Martavis Bryant, he can still find a way to beat you.

Second Play:

Wheaton again finds a soft spot in the defense with a hook pattern that helps convert a crucial third down in the Seahawks' territory. Roethlisberger's pass is on the money with Wheaton's route too.

Third Play:

This play was the ultimate result of Roethlisberger's ability against Seattle's intentions to put as much attention as possible on other threats. Bryant brings Kam Chancellor over just enough to make him a non-factor for Wheaton, who gets behind his cornerback to make the Steelers' biggest play of the game. This was also probably the best throw Roethlisberger has made all season.


Though his effort came in a losing effort, Markus Wheaton showed up in a huge way on Sunday to be a weapon that the Steelers needed to get their offense in high gear. Despite throwing four interceptions, the offense was able to put up 30 points with neither Antonio Brown nor Martavis Bryant getting over 100 yards in receiving.

Wheaton's abilities make for what might be the deepest receiving corps in the NFL, we'll look to see if he gets the same kind of opportunities to make big plays for Pittsburgh in this home stretch of the 2015 season.