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Steelers Film Room: Showcasing Ladarius Green's blocking skills

As a second installment of the Film Room's study on Ladarius Green focuses upon his blocking abilities.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Our last installment on Film Room focused on the receiving skills of the Pittsburgh Steelers' recent free agency acquisition, tight end Ladarius Green.

This article serves as a second piece that looks at the tape of Green that highlights his blocking abilities. His time in San Diego was limited as he played behind Antonio Gates, but throughout last season Green had several games where he was featured prominently in the Chargers' ground attack.

At the point of attack

I was unable to find any tape the Chargers using Green in the manner which Pittsburgh would use Miller by pulling him from his position and using him as a lead blocker, but there is a good amount of film to show Green's ability to block downfield.

On this play, Green finds Vincent Rey and fights to control his targets shoulders and makes himself square between Rey and the ball carrier. He shows potential as being a player who could be used at the point of attack for zone blocking schemes.

Second level blocking

This clip shows Green working his way past defenders on the line of scrimmage to take on linebackers and creating a lane for his running back to attack. He does not finish his block too well,but he does establish his assignment and do just enough to hold his ground on this draw play.

Pancaking Pacman

This clip shows Green's ability to be involved in stretch plays and, once again, be at the point of attack. While it's out of a two-point stance, Green does pull from his position and serve as a lead blocker here. He even pancakes one of our favorite players in Adam Jones. He keeps his head up the whole way and finishes his job.

Green could be a major player

After watching a bunch of tape on Green, it reinforces the excitement which Pittsburgh fans displayed at the time of his signing. His receiving skills appear to be above average and he seems to be more than an adequate player in the Chargers' run blocking scheme. Add him to David DeCastro, Maurkice Pouncey, Marcus Gilbert and company and he may look even better leading the way for the likes of Le'Veon Bell and DeAngelo Williams.

If his tape is any indication of what Green was able to do in a mediocre offense, the potential for him in an elite offense such as Pittsburgh's gives a lot of hope to Steelers fans for this new acquisition.

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