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Steelers Front Office

Roethlisberger contract details released

The Pittsburgh Steelers' two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, signed an extension contract over the weekend that would keep him in Pittsburgh through 2019. Today, the details of that contract were released.

GM Whaley wants Bills to be like Steelers

As a former assistant under Steelers general manager, Kevin Colbert, new Bills general manager, Doug Whaley, wants to model the Buffalo organization after the Steelers.

Colbert talks about Reggie Dunn, Sean Spence

One name keeps surfacing among fans, and Steelers GM Kevin Colbert spoke about him with season ticket holders Tuesday.

Steelers make changes among scouting department

Former Steelers tight end Mark Bruener has been elevated from the team's BLESTO scout on the west coast to a college scout with the team. Dan Colbert, previously a scouting intern, will be a pro/college scout.

'Mean' Joe retires from front office

"Mean" Joe Greene served the last nine years as Special Assistant to general manager Kevin Colbert with the Steelers. He retired Monday, leaving a legacy that includes six Super Bowl championships in two different roles.

Fixing fractures

After a disappointing 2012 season which was riddled with injuries, scrutiny began to expose minor flaws which were compromising the team's structural integrity; the organization has abandoned the duct tape for a welder.

Dan Rooney questions 'Next Man Up' mantra

Steelers chairman emeritus Dan Rooney mentions the reality behind the cliche saying of "Next Man Up." When a team is barraged with injuries, sometimes, there's nothing you can do to keep things moving forward.

Steelers sign new executive

Either Pittsburgh is looking to install some fresh perspective into their perennial cap problems, or they are expecting one of their tenured staff-members to seek promotion elsewhere.

From salary cap madness, a new Steelers’ image?

As maddening as their methods have been, maybe there's a method to the Steelers' madness. Maybe the Steelers aren't in transition as Colbert claims, because they are about right where they thought they would be come 2013.

Is Steelers' GM Colbert approaching his Waterloo?

No one doubts the football brilliance of Steelers' GM Kevin Colbert, but depending on where the Steelers find themselves at the end of the 2013 season, the period between March and June could become Colberts' Waterloo.

Rooney: 'We need better performances from RBs'

The franchise is clearly sending a message this offseason; 8-8 is unacceptable, and while some are being called to task more than others, everyone should expect significant changes as they go through their roster.

Omar Khan expected to stay with Steelers

After being declared a finalist for the vacant general manager position with the New York Jets, Omar Khan looks to be remaining in his current role with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Colbert speaks to the whole roster, including Ben

The message delivered by Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert wasn't speaking to an ambiguous group of year-to-year Steelers players, it was speaking to all of them, including quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

When GM Colbert speaks, no Rosetta Stone is needed

While Steeler Nation should find comfort, Colbert cuts to the chase in a critical but honest assessment of the Steelers' 2012 season and many current players should be concerned.

Rooney 'has full confidence' in Mike Tomlin

Steelers president endorses Tomlin, who, after a wake of firings in the NFL, became the league's seventh-longest tenured coach with the same team.

Jets to interview Steelers Khan for GM on Thursday

The winds of change eventually erode away every coaching and player roster over time. Sometimes, unexpected gusts force their way into front offices. Breezes are quickly becoming gale-force in Pittsburgh.

Colbert Named First General Manager in Steelers History

Kevin Colbert promoted to General Manager, the first to ever have that title with the Steelers. He has been the director of football operations since 2000, and has six division championships and two Super Bowl championships in his tenure.

Kevin Colbert's People Management Skills Might Be Most Underrated Atrribute of the Steelers' Well-Respected General Manager

Kevin Colbert's People Management Skills Might Be Most Underrated Atrribute of the Steelers' Well-Respected General Manager