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Which Giants player would you want on the Steelers roster?

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The Giants have some star power, but the rookie from Boston College has a great all-around game.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A retooled Giants team will host the Steelers Saturday, marking the second preseason game for the G-men (the first was a 17-13 win over the Buffalo Bills), and the first for the Steelers.

There's a good amount of veteran talent on the Giants, led mostly by wide receiver Victor Cruz. It was a down year for Cruz, and the Giants offense in general, as he was held to career lows in receiving yards (998) catches (73) and touchdowns (four).

Certainly, quarterback Eli Manning can be lumped into the "down year" category. He was sacked a career-high 39 times while throwing 27 interceptions, both a league and career high mark.

Defensively, it's clear defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul oozes talent, and he's lived up to that talent in his career. It just wasn't last season. He only played in 11 games, and registered two sacks - down a bit from his All Pro performance in 2011, when he had 16.5 and the Giants won the Super Bowl.

It's difficult to measure any of these players based on last season - although it's worth pointing out all of them have suffered steep declines from their All Pro levels in 2011. Pierre-Paul is the most physically talented of them, and the fact he's still just 25 years old is tempting indeed.

We're looking at the here and now (and are admittedly slanted toward rookies). The here-and-how is running back Andre Williams, the Giants' fourth-round pick and former target of Steelers' interest.

Pittsburgh had the draft prospect in for a visit before the 2014 Draft, opting instead to select Kent State speedster Dri Archer.

While the two really can't be compared physically (Williams, at 234 pounds, outweighs Archer by about 60 pounds), they both have their merits. Williams ran with great balance in the time he got vs. the Giants, and had an illustrious college career at Boston College.

For whatever value the NFL places on these characteristics anymore, Williams has all the makings of a featured back - power, vision, explosion and balance. He has a great skill set and could very well find himself among the best runners in the league in a short period of time.