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Giants vs. Steelers: Players to watch during Pittsburgh's preseason opener vs. New York

There's intrigue in Saturday's game from the starters to the last guy cut. Here are a few players to watch when the Steelers take on the Giants Saturday.

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LB Ryan Shazier - The hype machine is working overtime, mostly because of the strong camp Shazier has had. He's been hobbled by a knee injury this week and may not play very much, but all eyes will be on the first round draft pick from Ohio State if and when he's on the field.

OT Mike Adams - Adams, as a run-blocker, has been solid; good even. As a pass protector, though, he's struggled, to put it mildly. It was a big offseason for him and it wasn't clear during the first few practice sessions in training camp he wasn't taking advantage. It will be a big game for him, considering his experience and a lack of depth along the Giants' pass rushers.

LB Jarvis Jones - He says he's stronger albeit not bigger compared to last season. He won't see much time in this game (maybe the first series) and he's been nicked up a little bit, so it's possible he doesn't play at all. Seeing what kind of explosion he has, as well as how quickly he can recognize plays and get after the ball is one of the biggest storylines of this preseason.

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OT Wesley Johnson - The rookie fifth-round pick from Vanderbilt has struggled a bit in training camp, and is a bit of an unfinished product. If he had excelled, the Steelers may be considering Adams on the bubble. The inconsistent play of both of them leads one to think the Steelers are paying attention to possible cuts among tackles around the league.

WR Justin Brown - He's been a camp darling to this point - a candidate for the 2014 Isaac Redman Award. With a broken nose courtesy of Shamarko Thomas, Brown is showing versatility as well as ability - a great combination for a player on the bubble.

NT Dan McCullers - Insert clever joke about his size here. Moving past that, watching where McCullers lines up will give some insight into how they view the sixth-round draft pick. His length (37-inch arms) makes him an appealing option at defensive end, but his size and relatively limited athleticism suggests he'll stay inside. Reports have been good for McCullers, and in an extremely competitive camp among defensive linemen, this is his chance to establish himself as a strong candidate to make this roster.