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Steelers vs. Giants preseason 2014: 5 questions with Big Blue View

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SB Nation's New York Giants site, Big Blue View, was kind enough to answer five questions BTSC asked leading into Saturday's preseason game.

Justin K. Aller

Thanks to Big Blue View editor Ed Valentine for his answers. Read everything from the Giants perspective heading into this game here, and follow @BigBlueView on Twitter.

Describe the reaction of fans toward the sudden retirement of Giants running back David Wilson.

Sadness. Forget football, Wilson is a great kid, optimistic, has smiled his way through the whole thing with his neck ever since it happened. On the field the Giants will miss his speed, and everyone is bummed we won't get to see new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo find ways to use him.

The energy provided by rookie RB Andre Williams has to ease that a bit. What kind of season can we expect from him this year?

No doubt Williams can run the ball. My guess is he gets used a lot in short-yardage situations. How much he does beyond that is going to be determined by his pass-blocking and catching ability, which we aren't sure of yet.

We've seen precipitous drop-offs in statistical achievement from Eli Manning, Victor Cruz and Jason Pierre-Paul in each of the last two seasons. These are accomplished players with high levels of talent. Will this be a breakout year for them?

I don't know that 'breakout' is the right word. I would say 'better' is the word the Giants are looking for, particularly from Manning and JPP. If those two players have good seasons, so will the Giants.

Reports following the draft indicated the Steelers were going to select Giants WR Odell Beckham with the 15th overall pick. He's had a slow start so far, but was the the consensus favorite for the Giants at 12, or did it seem like the fans wanted someone else?

There was a split among Giants fans. Some wanted Zack Martin, some wanted Aaron Donald. The Giants need production from Beckham.

Who's the one Giants player Steelers fans will be talking about after this game?

Tough to say in preseason game. The guy who has been making waves is wide receiver Marcus 'Soup' Harris. Another guy might be wide receiver Corey Washington.