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Steelers vs. Giants first half open thread

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The preseason is here. Stick around here for conversation during the game.

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The preseason is here. That sounds way cooler before the game than after it.

One thing I'm excited for is new pictures. I stare at the same pictures for each post, it gets really old after a while. And since it seems we got one photographer at training camp for one day, we only have like 14 pictures.

I trust there is someone at MetLife Stadium tonight taking pictures of this game, so...I'm excited. Hopefully, the ones I get throughout the game will be better than the dude (right?) in the bumblebee Polamalu jersey sitting in the stands.

Oh, and I'm excited for seeing the Steelers in their real uniforms playing a real opponent in front of real (poor) officials.

Let's raise a glass to Sean Spence, who will start tonight's game in place of Ryan Shazier. Steve McLendon, Michael Palmer and Darrius Heyward-Bey are also out, which helps Stephon Tuitt show his ability to start (Cam Thomas will move to nose tackle on the first team) and Justin Brown and Derrick Moye will square off once again in their two-year long competition for the last wide receiver spot. thread is here. As usual, the rules are the same. Please be respectful to each other, try to keep the profanity to a low roar and be welcoming to fans coming in for the first time.

Stick around, we'll have the gamer up right after, as well as Winners and Losers and updates from whatever happens on the field tonight.