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Steelers Heroes of the Past

Behind The Steel Curtain explores the stories behind the men who made up the name and reputation of the six-time Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers over the last five decades.

Steelers Heroes of the Past: Remembering Slash

Kordell Stewart was more than just Slash. He was one of the most entertaining players to ever wear the Black and Gold

Steelers heroes of the past: James Farrior

Arguably one of the most successful Steelers free agent signings in history, Farrior filled the defensive captain role for one of the era's best defenses.

Steelers Heroes of the Past: Brad, Franco and Rock

A trio of offensive difference-makers earning a distinction none other have in the Super Bowl Era. That's the foundation of greatness for the Steelers in the 1970s.

Bettis should be in the Hall of Fame

A career littered by highlights doesn't even fully describe why the NFL's sixth-leading rusher belongs in its Hall of Fame. Just ask those who played with Jerome Bettis, and more importantly, ask those who played against him.

Steelers Heroes of the Past: Donnie Shell

When talking about the Steel Curtain, don't forget about the Torpedo.

Steelers Heroes of the Past: Carnell Lake

Over three decades, Carnell Lake has become one of the most memorable and versatile members of Steeler Nation.

Steelers heroes of the past: Levon Kirkland

While some joked his weight was more reminiscent of a perfect game in bowling, Kirkland powered his way to an outstanding career in Pittsburgh, earning a spot in Steelers history.

Steelers Heroes of the Past: Tim Lester

The first installment of an extended series on former Steelers players and the impact they made on the league and the franchise.