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Rex Ryan can be 'disappointed' in Steelers safety Mike Mitchell, it doesn't cover up what Jason Babin did

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Implying Mike Mitchell's leap over the line of scrimmage at the end of the Jets' 20-13 win over the Steelers was planned by the team is no more accurate than blaming Jets' coach Rex Ryan for Jason Babin's dive into Ben Roethlisberger's knees well after the play was blown dead.

To the victor goes the spoils and the last word.

Jets coach Rex Ryan was asked about the over-the-line leap from Steelers free safety Mike Mitchell at the end of the Jets' 20-13 win over the Steelers in Week 11. The outspoken coach said it was "bush league" and he was "disappointed" in it.

No one asked him what he thought of Jets' defensive end Jason Babin driving Steelers guard David DeCastro backward well after a whistle blew a play dead or Babin's lunge into the knees of Steelers' quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

That question won't be asked, although the topic may come up again, if and when the media report the fine Babin will get for a play that, incidentally, can only be labeled "bush league."

It's extremely difficult to believe Babin didn't hear the whistle or the shouts of several people around him saying the play was dead. But because it happened early in the game and his team won, his coach wasn't made to address it.

If the insinuation was that Ryan, as well as multiple Jets players, are blaming the Steelers as a whole for Mitchell's leap over the line of scrimmage, watch the replay again. The Steelers don't react aggressively, pushing the line of scrimmage. They clearly have no idea Mitchell is about to do what he does. If Mitchell does cause a fumble, there are at least five Jets who would have been in position to recover it. This wasn't a set plan. Mitchell acted alone.

Similarly, no one is blaming Ryan for Babin's dirty play, although his team did pick up two personal-foul penalties for late hits on the quarterback in this game (sensing a trend, anyone?). It's unfortunate Rex is disappointed, and that can be understood, but it's ignorant and short-sighted to act as if what Mitchell did (certainly the meaningless result of it, outside of generating a laugh) should take top-billing over Babin's goon-like display of post-whistle toughness.

Both plays were stupid but Mitchell's at least occurred during the play. Neither Babin nor Ryan can say the same thing about their transgression.