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Which Jets player would you want on the Steelers roster?

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With the Jets right now, it's really about their defensive line and, despite a poor record, they have perhaps the best tandem of young defensive linemen in football.

Al Bello

I remember writing last year before the Steelers played the New York Jets in Week 6 how the Steelers were interested in Temple defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson in the 2011 draft. The Jets nabbed Wilkerson with the 30th pick in that draft, one spot before the Steelers selected Cam Heyward.

We'll never know if the Steelers would have taken Wilkerson had he been available, and few are complaining about having Heyward, but having Heyward and Wilkerson?

Yes, please.

Wilkerson is among the best defensive linemen in the game, certainly in a 3-4 scheme, and he'd fit perfectly on this Steelers team. Along with him, Jets' defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson is an athletic interior defensive lineman, who's a bit better than a team away from eventually becoming a Defensive Player of the Year candidate. Both are outstanding talents forged in that kind of technical dominance we're used to seeing with Rex Ryan-coached defenses.

Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger slaughtered the Colts.

Of the many problems the Jets have, these don't exist along their defensive line. In their secondary, on the other hand, some bigger problems exist. Not sure if I'd want any of their defensive backs right now, but keep an eye on rookie Calvin Pryor. I remember breaking him down last year and he has a nice career ahead of him.


I'm someone who doesn't drink the Percy Harvin Kool-Aid. He's a vastly-overrated receiver who runs poor routes and hasn't improved in three seasons. But the Steelers have the league's best in the short field, Antonio Brown, and he not only does it better than Harvin, he doesn't need his routes set up for him the way Harvin does. I'll take Harvin as a kickoff-return man and perhaps as a package running back/receiver, but we're past the days of thinking he's a high-end 10-target kind of receiver. He hasn't accomplished enough as a route-runner to justify that in my mind.

And he's probably the Jets' best offensive player outside of center Nick Mangold.

Really, for me, it's about Wilkerson or Richardson. Who you takin'?