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5 Questions with SB Nation Jets site Gang Green Nation

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Gang Green Nation editor John Butchko joins us for a Q&A about Sunday's Steelers at Jets game.

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It's pretty simple to ask here whether Rex Ryan is coaching for his job, because I can't imagine that's not the case. Knowing that, do you expect the Jets to be more focused and come out with a bit more intensity than they have recently?

Well, his job has been on the line up to this point, and the results have not been good. I think the team is still fighting hard for him. Opponents have commented on how the Jets don't quit. There are just too many problems. The biggest one is that the team is not very talented, particularly in the secondary. There have also been issues that go back to coaching such as wasted timeouts because people couldn't get lined up properly or substitution problems. If these things haven't been fixed by now, I don't see any reason to expect them in Week 10.

I would think Mo Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson like their matchup against the Steelers (as they should against all teams). Do you think the Steelers have a chance to contain both of them in this game?

They are a handful. They are both versatile and capable of lining up in multiple spots. Wilkerson is more of a technician. He has a handful of moves. Richardson is just an incredible athlete. He has a great feel for when gaps open and gets through them with great regularity. It's possible the Steelers can contain them, but it will require a heck of an effort.

As a North Dakota State University alumnus, I probably am the only person reading this who knew who cornerback Marcus Williams (an undrafted rookie who started his first career game in Week 9) was before this season. I thought he played pretty well against the Chiefs. What's the word coming out of the Jets about him? Is he more than just a fill-in player?

No offense to your alma mater, but it speaks volumes about the state of the secondary that an undrafted rookie from North Dakota State is playing the entire game for the Jets. The cornerback position has been a revolving door this year. Williams might not have been a disaster last week, but like many of the people the Jets have run out there, he was generally giving up large cushions to avoid the big play. Underneath passes are going to be there all day. They have all season, and the Jets have flashed no playmaking ability in the secondary. They only have one interception all year. I'm not sure Williams is anything more than a short-term stopgap. I don't think he figures into the big picture for the Jets.

Eagles fans seem pretty happy with Mark Sanchez...after one game. How are Jets fans reacting to his shining moment of glory in Philadelphia?

As you noted, it was one game. There is an element of the fan base that thinks Sanchez got a raw deal, but they seem to be a minority. It's not like Sanchez never played a good game for the Jets. I'd like to see him put together a complete season or two before I buy into him.

Do you have any confidence in Geno Smith, or is he simply not going to work out? If the Jets end up with the top pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, what are the chances they draft a quarterback?

I think the ship has sailed on Geno Smith. He followed up a rookie year where he was arguably the NFL's worst quarterback with a second year in which he has been arguably the NFL's worst quarterback. If he was going to make progress, I think we would have seen it. His mechanics are every bit as bad this year as they were last year. His decision-making is bad. He seems lost if his first read isn't there. It's tough to see potential at this point.

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