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Winners and Losers from Steelers' Week 10 loss to the Jets

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The Steelers could have gotten a bit more from their defense and boatloads more from their offense in a 20-13 loss to the New York Jets.

Alex Trautwig

James Harrison - Beyond having no outside help and being asked to win foot races with Michael Vick on the wide side of the field, Harrison provided enough pressure to think the secondary could have made a play or two on the ball. William Gay almost did, but the ball was coated in bacon grease or something.

Lawrence Timmons - A team-high 13 tackles and probably one shining point in the overall Steelers' run defense. We know what to expect from this Steelers' defense and Timmons bringing his hard hat in the run game is one of them. While the negatives also should be fairly well expected by now as well, Timmons playing hard is a constant.

Martavis Bryant - I would have liked to have seen him fight a bit harder for that ball at the goal line, but it would have been a tough catch any way you slice it. The kid is still an absolute monster down the field. That's six touchdowns in four games, and he's an emerging honorable-mention Rookie of the Year candidate.


Ben Roethlisberger - You certainly can't win them all, or throw six touchdowns in every game, but Roethlisberger looked like his evil, not-so-athletically-smart, twin brother on the field. He was downright awful in this game, his stats over-inflated based on losing situations for much of this game. One of his two turnovers wasn't on him, but a slew of poor throws and bad decisions certainly were. Watching a shotgun snap from Maurkice Pouncey sail past him on a must-score, late-game drive was the cherry on top of easily the worst game he played all year.

Shaun Suisham - After hitting a kick from 53 yards, he misses from 23. There didn't appear to be an issue with anything other than the fact he missed a kick that's made from that distance so often - an extra point - and they're considering a rule change to make it longer. His onside kick was perhaps the worst of his career - and I'd be amazed to learn his team has ever recovered one of his onside kicks.

Antonio Brown - His two lost fumbles doubled his career total and he was otherwise rendered useless in the bigger moments of the game.