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Steelers Mike Mitchell leaps the Jets' victory formation

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Many impressive aspects to this play, but none of them really involve the Steelers free safety. Credit him for a nice broad jump and some serious bravery.


Can't really blame Mike Mitchell for trying to fill in for injured teammate Troy Polamalu, flipping over the kneel-down snap at the end of the Jets' 20-13 win over the Steelers Sunday, but this might be a little overkill.

It's a toss-up for me what the best part of this is. Center Nick Mangold catching Mitchell at the perfect time in the perfect spot to flip him like they're filming a bad martial arts movie; the amazing (but not surprising), deftness and speed of Jets quarterback Michael Vick avoiding a flying Mitchell while everyone else seemed shocked he was in the backfield; or perhaps ex-Steelers offensive lineman Willie Colon, No. 66 for the Jets, being willing to shove his own teammate out of the way as he moves toward Mitchell in what had to be Mitchell's nightmare scenario - the entire Jets offensive line converging on him while he laid on his back without having done anything to affect the play.

Gotta give him props for the try at least. Since Mitchell really didn't factor in positively in this game at all, at least he has this.