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The newest BTSC t-shirt provides the "Spoiler" Steelers fans already know

The Steelers are nearly halfway through the 2015 season, and it might be time you notify fans of other NFL teams what Pittsburgh fans already know. Check out the latest "Spoiler" BTSC t-shirt!

When it comes to being a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, some things are certain. For instance, regardless of record, our favorite team is a lot better than your favorite team. With that said, it would be a great idea for every fan of the black and gold to order the latest BTSC t-shirt. We call it the "Spoiler" shirt.

The awesome part about Pittsburgh is the fact all three teams don the black and gold. So whether you root for all three, or just the Steelers, this shirt is right up your alley.

Big tip of the cap to Tony Henson for designing the shirt, along with all of our other designs.

Ordering the shirt is easy. Click THIS LINK to go directly to the store and place your order. If you are interested in the other t-shirts BTSC currently has on the market, see the link below to go directly to the BTSC Apparel store.

Support your black and gold along with BTSC! Here We Go Steelers!

BTSC Apparel Store