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The latest BTSC T-Shirt honors the Steelers head coach, obviously

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The Pittsburgh Steelers head coach is known for several things, one being his ability to flash some awesome shades during games, and the other having a tendency to use the word 'obviously' a lot. We pay homage to both in the latest BTSC t-shirt.

The Pittsburgh Steelers seem poised to contend for a playoff spot again this year, and they do so under the guidance of head coach Mike Tomlin. If Tomlin is known for anything, it would be his use of the word 'obviously' when speaking to the media, and his ability to look pretty cool on the sideline.

The latest BTSC t-shirt honors the Steelers coach, obviously. Take a look at the shirt design below:

You can order this latest shirt right now, and is the perfect gift for yourself or the Pittsburgh Steelers fan(s) in your life. Order this shirt by clicking THIS LINK. Simply enter the colors, size and payment methods and you will be rocking this Obviously Cool t-shirt before you know it.

In fact, with the holidays quickly approaching, you can order all of the BTSC t-shirts by going to our BTSC Apparel store to check out all 6 of our t-shirts, all designed by Tony Henson.

Here we go Steelers!