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Honor the legendary Steelers safety Troy Polamalu with the newest BTSC 'GOAT' t-shirt

Steelers fans know how incredible Troy Polamalu was in his time with the black and gold. What better way to honor his greatness than with the new BTSC 'GOAT' t-shirt.

How great was Troy Polamalu in his tenure with the Pittsburgh Steelers? Ask any black and gold blooded fan and they would tell you easily, "Greatest of all time!". In case you didn't know, it was this statement which inspired the newest slogan adorning the Polamalu-themed t-shirt we are proud to produce. (GOAT = Greatest Of All Time)

What better way to start a new season off with some new threads not only stating that No. 43 was the "GOAT", but also supporting your favorite Steelers website at the same time. Take a look at the t-shirt designs below. In case you don't recognize the image on the t-shirt, it is a sillouhette of Polamalu making one of his most iconic plays of his career in a regular season game against the San Diego Chargers in 2010. See it again HERE.

We hope you truly enjoy the design and take advantage of purchasing these t-shirts. So, how do you order? Simply, go to THIS LINK and place your order. Get them while they are hot and do your part in letting everyone know who the greatest of all time is...the great Troy Polamalu.