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Get ready for the 2015 Steelers season with the 'Wreck It' BTSC t-shirt

The Pittsburgh Steelers are ready to kick the season off this Thursday, but are you? Get ready with the latest BTSC 'Wreck It' shirt which honors none other than Cam "Wreck It" Heyward.

Early in his NFL career, someone gave Pittsburgh Steelers' defensive lineman Cameron Heyward the nickname "Wreck It". The nickname is a reference to the movie "Wreck It Ralph" and how the main character destroys everything in his path. The name has seemingly stuck, especially with the fan base, so BTSC decided to make a t-shirt honoring one of the defensive leaders on this new Steelers' defense.

So, with the regular season just days away, be sure to order the newest BTSC t-shirt for not only you, but for all the Steelers fans in your life!

This is just the second design of the new BTSC apparel line of Steelers-themed shirts, the first being our Troy Polamalu 'GOAT' t-shirt. It is here I'd like to give a big tip of the cap to loyal reader, and incredible designer, Tony Henson for designing these designs and going through the appropriate avenues to ensure we can offer the best swag available!

If you want to check out the entirety of the collection, simply click on 'BTSC Apparel' above the headline of this article. This will take you to the other designs, which you can purchase at any time. So, how do you order? Click HERE to get to the store to select a size, payment and BOOM...done.

There will be another design released in the coming stay tuned!

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