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Help “Make Football Great Again” with the latest BTSC t-shirt

The NFL has arguably been getting worse under Roger Goodell. It’s time to make football great t-shirt at a time!

The Pittsburgh Steelers aren’t the only team who hates Roger Goodell. In fact, the New England Patriots and Tom Brady aren’t too fond of the commissioner either. When looking back at Goodell’s tenure as the NFL commish, you can’t help but ask this very important question:

Is football better now?

The answer to that is a resounding NO! There is more confusion than ever with specific calls, penalties are more guess work than cut and dry and the overall product has suffered since his time at the helm. Sure, the league has been making money hand over fist, but the game is what is most important to the fans.

That’s is time to make football great again!

Although fans are rather helpless in this regard, you can’t let that hide your disdain for Mr. Goodell. This is where the latest BTSC t-shirt gets involved!

You might be wondering, “Where do I get one of those shirts?!” The answer is RIGHT HERE.

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