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Celebrate the Steelers Week 16 win, and Antonio Brown’s TD with the latest BTSC t-shirt

The “Immaculate Extension” was born in Week 16 with Antonio Brown’s incredible TD. We have just the t-shirt to commemorate the event.

I have a feeling in the future when fans talk about the 2016 season, mentioning the Week 16 win over the Baltimore Ravens will be on the forefront of every Pittsburgh Steelers fan’s mind.

After all, who could forget Antonio Brown catching the ball just shy of the goal line, only to power his way to the end zone with three Ravens hanging off of him?! It was when the “Immaculate Extension” was born. Now is the time to commemorate the even with the latest BTSC t-shirt!

After the game, Brown told the media exactly what is on the shirt:

“Every extra set, every extra rep is for every extra inch.”

Gives you chills just thinking about it, but you might be wondering how you can get your hands on one of these gems? Easy, just go to THIS LINK to place your order. Fans have been raving over the timeliness and quality of these t-shirts.

If you like this t-shirt, be sure to check out out entire BTSC Apparel Store with shirts defining what a ‘Bungle’ is to giving some praise to Chris Boswell for his 6 FG performance in Week 15 against the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Steelers are headed to the AFC Playoffs...time to get some new threads to be ready for the big games ahead!