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Get the “Do You Even Lift Bro? BTSC T-Shirt honoring the Steelers’ latest TD celebration

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The Pittsburgh Steelers have become the best team, when it comes to TD celebrations, and we wanted to honor their latest with our own BTSC T-Shirt!

There are two types of football fans:

  • Those who love the TD celebrations
  • Those who hate them

If you are of the latter type who might also be seen yelling for children to get off your lawn, you won’t like this t-shirt, but if you’re like me, and love the TD celebrations, this is the shirt for you.

Check out the latest BTSC t-shirt honoring the “Bench Press” TD celebration the Steelers pulled off in Week 8 against the Lions at Ford Field.

Check it out:

At this point, you’re probably wondering how you can get one of your own. The answer? Easy, just click HERE to order!

In case these are the first BTSC t-shirts you’ve ever stumbled on, we’ve got so many more that you’ve missed! Check out our BTSC Apparel Store to see shirts honoring players like Heath Miller, Troy Polamalu, JuJu Smith-Schuster and even head coach Mike Tomlin!

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