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Use the latest BTSC T-Shirt to show your disappointment over Deebo’s departure

Fans are upset that James Harrison went to the New England Patriots, and we encourage everyone who feels this way to rep the latest BTSC T-Shirt to show your disappointment.

James Harrison was a living legend in Pittsburgh. People think of the fond memories of Harrison’s incredible interception return in Super Bowl 43, him hurdling Ladanian Tomlinson in San Diego and his many sacks which resulted in him being the all-time sack king for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Those were the days...

Nowadays Harrison is being released, points the finger at the Steelers organization, is ridiculed by his teammates and attempts to save face once he signed with the New England Patriots, of all teams.

This entire situation has left fans thinking, “What the heck?!”

So, we here at BTSC decided to design a t-shirt which will allow fans, who are disappointed in Harrison’s most recent trials and tribulations, to wear their emotions literally on their sleeves.

Check out the “Why you trippin’ Deebo?” T-Shirt!

This shirt comes in black, gold, white and grey, and ordering one now is easy. Just go to THIS LINK to place your order.

With the holidays approaching, this could be a perfect gift for the Steelers fan in your life. But if you don’t like this shirt, there are plenty of others which might suit your needs. Check out all of them at the BTSC Apparel Store. The latest T-shirt designs are for players like JuJu Smith-Schuster and some of the awesome Steelers’ celebrations.

Check them out!