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Help remind Patriot fans just how many Super Bowl rings the Steelers have with the latest BTSC T-Shirt

The Pittsburgh Steelers were a step away from the Super Bowl, but they are still the kings of the mountain in regards to Super Bowl wins.

Know any New England Patriots fans? Believe it or not, but I don’t. However that doesn’t stop them from reaching out to me to remind me just who won Super Bowl 51.

Just check out this email I received on Monday:

“Hi Jeff. This is so F’ing enjoyable reading these game timelines from SB Nation teams like the Steelers,Bronco’s,Jet’s,Ravens’s etc. As a Patriot fan I can’t believe how much fun it is to read the timeline comments. IT”S AWESOME!!! What a bunch of losers!!!! Suck on this buddy..the Pats are 67 million under the cap,will trade Garopolo for a #1 pick and then some plus will get Gronk back…So all you little haters can stew on these facts while we celebrate another Super Bowl won in the best game ever played!! Bye Bye.”

I won’t touch the spelling or grammar in the email, but it just made me they realize who is the only team to have 6 Super Bowl wins? This simple fact clearly alluded this fan.

So, I started thinking, “What would be a great way to remind not just Patriots fans, but Dallas Cowboys and San Franciso 49ers fans too, just who has the most Super Bowl rings?”

Then it hit me...a t-shirt!

After a few emails were sent, we came up with the latest BTSC T-Shirt design for your enjoyment!

If you are wondering why the 5 looks funny, it is because we had to include that for the shady history of the Patriots’ success. Don’t like the black shirt? It comes in Gold too!

This product is ready for you to purchase NOW. All you have to do is go to THIS LINK to place your order. While you are looking at some of our merchandise, check out our other T-Shirt designs in the BTSC Apparel Store. Trust me, there is something for everyone in there.

So, won’t you help us throw shade on other NFL franchises? You can do so today...order now!