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Pay tribute to late Steelers chairman Dan Rooney with the latest BTSC t-shirt

The Pittsburgh Steelers are still mourning the passing of Mr. Dan Rooney, and now you can pay homage with the latest BTSC T-Shirt.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers just went through their first NFL Draft without Mr. Dan Rooney there to oversee the selection and talk to the young men who are the newest members of the Pittsburgh Steelers football organization.

It was a trying time for those in the organization and the global fan base, but we here at BTSC thought it would be nice to give fans a way to pay homage to Mr. Rooney with something they can wear on a regular basis.

This is where the DMR BTSC T-Shirt was born.

Check out the design below:

The T-Shirt comes in all sizes, and the quality is impeccable. You can order yours now by going HERE.

If enough t-shirts are sold, a portion of the proceeds will go to the United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania, a charity endorsed by Mr. Rooney himself.

If you haven’t checked out all of our BTSC T-Shirts, you can see them all here at the BTSC Apparel Store, and order as many shirts as you want!