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Show your BTSC pride with our brand new GAMEDAY t-shirt

Show your pride in BTSC with our latest GAMEDAY t-shirt!!

There are a ton of Pittsburgh Steelers websites out there. I’m not dumb enough to think BTSC is the only one with quality content, but here you are...reading this website and this article.

The one thing which separates BTSC from the others is the community. A proud group of individuals who check this website numerous times per day and serve as the oxygen which keeps the site running at such a high rate.

I’m proud to call BTSC my site, and I know there are readers who call BTSC their site too. With that said, I wanted to produce a T-shirt for the BTSC diehards—the readers and commenters who make this site what it is.

Introducing the BTSC Gameday T-shirt:

This T-shirt wasn’t designed to honor a player, but in recognition of you, the reader, who follows the Steelers closer than any other fan. You’re the fan who knows the 90-man roster better than most know the 53-man roster.

If you’re like me—and I’ve already ordered mine—you’ll want one of these T-shirts to complement your Pittsburgh Steelers wardrobe. Ordering is a breeze. Go to THIS LINK, follow the easy-pay steps and get yours today!

You might not know we’ve got an entire BTSC Apparel Store with a ton of T-shirts honoring both current and former players. Check it out HERE.