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Le'Veon Bell says he has seven percent body fat

Bell is the lean ground beef, not the extra fat kind.


If one was to purchase a pound of hamburger down at the local Giant Eagle, the "lean" variety would contain seven percent fat.

So would Le'Veon Bell, according to Dan Geiger of the Post-Gazette.

He quoted Bell in his blog Tuesday evening saying "A lot of people look at me like a big heavy guy but a lot of people forget I'm a 6-foot-2 guy and at the Combine I measured in at 230 [and] I was like 7 percent body fat. I'm not an out of shape guy. I'm a pretty lean guy."

That isn't much fat for a 230 pound guy, so yes, like the hamburger, lean would be an appropriate adjective. However, the Center for Disease Control would list Bell, at his admitted height and weight of 6-foot-2 and 230 pounds, with a Body Mass Index of 29.5, or, well within the confines of "Overweight," and just one shade below "Obese."

Apparently, the CDC feels he should be that super, ultra, hyper lean ground beef. Something doesn't add up here.

Bell continues to get accolades from the media - if not from Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, who wasn't at all impressed with the display of football in shorts that took place Tuesday. Assuming Tomlin wouldn't want to be fined $10,000 from the league, the shorts will be on display again Wednesday and Thursday before the Steelers wrap up the first session of OTAs.