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Mike Tomlin: Less talk and more work

The blunt Tomlin is so in tune with this philosophy he's having players deliver his "less talk" mantra for him.


Steelers coach Mike Tomlin is getting more brief and more blunt in his comments.

It's getting to the point he's not even saying them himself.

Veteran cornerback Ike Taylor, in speaking to the media, paraphrased Tomlin after the Steelers finished their first day of OTAs, "Less talk and more work."

Tomlin leads by example. He isn't talking at all, he's sending his message to the media through the team.

It's a bold strategy, Cotton.

But it's a smart one. The Steelers have nothing to talk about right now. They collapsed down the stretch of the 2012 season, failing to qualify for the playoffs for the second time since Tomlin took over in 2007. There's nothing to discuss.

Hard work, on the other hand...that's something the Steelers can control. Part of the reason some of the collapse down the stretch happened was due to the lack of Taylor, one of the team's best defenders over the last several years, and a key driving force to a defensive turnaround after a slow start to last year. He was injured in Week 13 against Baltimore and did not play again the rest of the year.

The depleted Steelers secondary was shredded by Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and carved by by Chargers QB Phillip Rivers on third downs in losses to Dallas and San Diego - for argument's sake.

As it is, the team needs work to improve, not talk. If Taylor has to send Tomlin's message through the media, then so be it.