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Steelers OTAs: Jarvis Jones hamstring injury shouldn't be tested

The Steelers' second OTA session gets underway Tuesday in Pittsburgh. OLB Jarvis Jones was limited in the first session due to a hamstring injury, and it's something the Steelers shouldn't test this week.

Justin K. Aller

The Steelers begin the second session of Organized Training Activities (OTAs) with practices scheduled Tuesday through Thursday.

One of the main questions of the most recent Football In Shorts (FIS) is the condition of first round pick Jarvis Jones' hamstring.

It's a difficult injury to play through, as rest is the only way to heal it properly. If the hamstring isn't given time to rest, it can be re-aggravated and cause problems throughout the year.

How much time will Jones get in these sessions remains to be seen, but being around the team, participating in meetings and soaking in the atmosphere is equally important than rushing the passer in drills.

Fifth-round pick Terry Hawthorne had surgery to remove bone chips from his knee earlier in the month, and won't likely participate in practice this week. He could be out until training camp - meaning, he would miss the third OTAs session as well as the team minicamp scheduled for June 11-13.

The Steelers remain healthy otherwise, as most teams are this time of the year. With injuries like the Achilles tear suffered by 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree, getting hurt during FIS is always a fear. Preventing those kinds of injuries seems essentially impossible, and if nothing else, fans hope the team can get quality work in, but not as much as they hope for a healthy completion of all OTAs.