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Brett Keisel feels 'Seventh Heaven is within reach'

Steelers veteran defensive end Brett Keisel says he's superstitious, and can see the 2013 season ending very positively for Pittsburgh.

Larry French

Call it a gut feeling for Steelers veteran defensive end Brett Keisel

Suddenly, the oldest player on the defense, Keisel has earned a mention or two of those feelings of premonition.

He speaks like the aged soothsayer in a recent interview with Mike Prisuta of WDVE.

"I still feel there's a championship out there. I see signs all over the place. I'm kind of superstitious, and I read certain things. I think the best word is 'hopeful.'

"It's just a feeling I have. I feel like Seventh Heaven is within reach, and I want to get there."

To get the Steelers that seventh Super Bowl championship this season, it would be after one of the more active offseasons in recent memory. Keisel recognizes the transformation the team is undergoing, but is grounded in basic concepts of fundamentals.

"It's been a rough offseason," he said. "When you get in the position we were in, hopefully it has driven everyone to do everything they can to be a better player and a better teammate."

"I hope everyone understands, these opportunities, especially for an old guy like me, these times are running down. I want to make sure these guys are seizing their opportunities and are taking advantage of everything they can."

The Steelers wrap up the second session of OTAs Thursday in Pittsburgh, and will resume them next week. The full team minicamp is scheduled for June 11-13 in Pittsburgh with training camp to follow in late July.

"Training camp will be the tell of everything. There are a lot of guys who are great football players in shorts, but you go up to training camp, the real player that's inside him will be on display."