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Kelvin Beachum getting reps at center for Steelers

Adding center to the growing flexibility of positions for Steelers second year OL Kelvin Beachum seems like the appropriate move to make.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

He may as well just learn every offensive line position.

That's what the player he essentially replaced, Trai Essex, did in his Steelers' career.

Steelers OL Kelvin Beachum was something of a surprise to make the 53-man roster last year, but it was quickly apparent why the Steelers kept the seventh round pick from SMU. He has the ability to play multiple positions.

He ended up starting six games at right tackle last season in wake of the injuries to Mike Adams and Marcus Gilbert. This offseason, he prepared to move to the interior, specifically, left guard.

In the Steelers' OTAs sessions, he's been working at center as well.

"I understand that it's something that the team wants me to do, so I've got to get it right," Beachum told the team's web site. "My livelihood depends on it, so I'm working hard to get it and working hard on it every day. There are some growing pains but I'm going to get there. It's going to work."

His mentality is right.

To save vital depth on the entire roster, teams can utilize a position-flexible offensive lineman. If Beachum is able to play multiple spots on game day, he can earn a helmet - and save a roster spot elsewhere.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin stresses position flexibility, and Beachum appears to be the shining example of that. Essex, who took snaps at all five offensive line positions in his Steelers career, did it before him.

While it's a near certainty Beachum will make the team, the question is where can that extra spot be best utilized. With one more OTAs session remaining, and minicamp after that, it's something we'll find out more about in the coming weeks.