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Steelers OTAs 2013

Redman: "We are going to be dedicated to the zone"

The Steelers are amid a transformation from a power running team to outside zone - a concept that utilizes offensive linemen moving in unison to get defensive linemen moving laterally. And early reports are it's a welcomed concept in Pittsburgh.

Gilbert seeking zone advice from Duane Brown

The doghoused Steelers offensive tackle is putting the work in to show he deserves the team's blindside protector job in its new zone blocking scheme.

Several sleepers surprise at Steelers OTAs

When team activities kicked off bringing the entire roster together for the first time, most were watching starters and big name draft picks. However, a few unknowns began making names for themselves.

Steelers rookie signings end OTAs

The Steelers signed three draft picks and capped off their first OTA session Thursday.

Jones re-aggravates hamstring injury

Jones initially injured his hamstring at his Pro Day, and tweaked it again at the Steelers rookie minicamp in May. He's working through it as the Steelers conclude their first round of OTAs Thursday.

No timetable for Miller's return

Reporters caught up with the recovering tight end at team activities, hoping for some good news. They walked away empty handed as he had none to give.

Terry Hawthorne on Crutches After 2nd OTA

Steelers 5th round cornerback Terry Hawthorne experienced injuries that forced the once first-second round prospect to the fifth round in 2013

Gilbert at left tackle, Adams at right in OTAs

The battle of the Steelers offensive tackles doesn't exactly contain Matt Kalil or Joe Thomas, but Marcus Gilbert and Mike Adams will compete all the same. Gilbert began Tuesday's OTA session at left tackle.

Roethlisberger now the oldest QB in meetings

The Steelers now-aged quarterback becomes the oldest player in his position meetings - an unfamiliar but readily accepted role on a team looking to rebound from a disappointing 8-8 season.

Polamalu is healthy, credits physical therapist

Polamalu is putting in the work at the Steelers' first round of OTAs this week in Pittsburgh. He credits a new physical therapist and avoiding getting stale as keys to getting back on the field this season.

Mike Tomlin: Less talk and more work

The blunt Tomlin is so in tune with this philosophy he's having players deliver his "less talk" mantra for him.

Bell says he has seven percent body fat

Bell is the lean ground beef, not the extra fat kind.

Tomlin not impressed with 'football in shorts'

Blunt as always, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin told the media after the Steelers first OTA practice Tuesday he wasn't impressed, presumably due to the lack of contact.

Polamalu 'in best shape since college'

Like that old grill you fire up each spring, hoping it's miraculously transformed back into his immediate post-purchase condition, reports suggesting Troy Polamalu is in the best shape he's been in since college puts a hyperbolic slant on reality.

Steelers OTAs: Out with the old in 2013

There were some coaching and roster shakeups in Pittsburgh this offseason as the team looks to rebound from an 8-8 campaign in 2012. If they don't get things back on track this year, there will be even more new faces for OTAs in 2014.

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The 'A' in OTAs doesn't stand for 'answers'

Is there more of a sense of optimism at the start of Organized Team Activities, or are we just fooling ourselves?

Steelers players to watch in OTAs

A bold, completely unscientific assertion of what may we may see transpire this season made before OTAs.

Steelers OTA First Session Preview

The Steelers are coming off one of their most active offseasons in recent memory. While the preseason of 2010 carried with it loads of negativity, that team turned into something great. Can the 2013 version mesh together in a similar way?

Rules of NFL OTAs

All teams must follow a strict set of rules for Organized Training Activities (OTAs) which begin this week for nearly the entire league.

Steelers need Polamalu at OTAs more now than ever

Polamalu elected not to attend the voluntary OTAs through much of his career. He chose to attend last year, and the team will need him there now more than ever.

Hood vs. Heyward

Jamison Hensley asks a question which Ed Bouchette had already answered. While Ed's response may be the best path for now, where exactly will it lead them?

Camp body Green could be camp hopeful

The secondary is sure to draw plenty of attention when the Steelers take over Latrobe for camp. Green may just turn the heat of competition up another notch.

Taglianetti is ringing The Bell

A hometown son, who played college ball in his hometown, in the same stadium as the hometown Steelers, gets to view life from the other side of the stadium, and likes what he sees from Le'Veon Bell.

Moye gets a re-boot

Derek Moye doesn't believe you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. This summer, he's out to prove it.

McFadden is working overtime

McFadden performed well enough in camp last year to earn a practice squad spot, which he translated into an active roster spot by season's end. This year, he's doing what is necessary to take the next step.

Steelers and Jones make cute couple

The rookie linebacker continues to endear himself to the organization which drafted him, as he continues to fall in love with his future in Pittsburgh.

Carnell Lake is tuning in on Hawthorne

If Hawthorne lives up to Coach Lake's evaluation, the Steelers may have found an eventual franchise cornerstone which only needs a bit of polishing, in the fifth round of the NFL draft.

Landry Jones: Work In Progress

Jones could supplant Big Ben someday, but the rookie realizes he has a long way to go just to make the roster; and he's taking it all one step at a time.

Rookie Minicamp Recap: Positives and negatives

The Steelers got their rookies together for their first organized practices over the weekend. We recap the highlights of the minicamp.

Golic and 'Embernasty' represent new projects

Pittsburgh has looked to mid-to-late round draft picks to find offensive line depth. In fact, 2013 was the first draft in the last 10 where the Steelers did not select an offensive lineman. They may have two undrafted linemen they can develop for the

Tomlin sets expectations for rookie class

It's understandable why Tomlin would keep his sights lower on his 2013 draft class. Judging by the 2012 class's general issues, both self-caused and unexpected, lower is better.

Golic named to Best Undrafted Rookies list

Notre Dame interior offensive lineman Mike Golic Jr. has a great opportunity to impress coaches at multiple positions this preseason.

Not a great weekend for rookie QB Landry Jones

Learning a new system and playbook can be attributed to a rough weekend for Jones as the Steelers finish up their rookie minicamp today in Pittsburgh.

Nick Williams proves it's who you know

Nick Williams, the Steelers' seventh round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, shows loads of potential, but he might be somewhere else if not for a slew of connections that brought him to Pittsburgh.

Steelers 19th in recent Power Rankings

The Steelers had what most consider to be a solid, if not strong, draft. They still fell two spots in an post-draft power rankings list.

Jarvis Jones Feels He Belongs

Twitter updates shed light on Pittsburgh's first day of rookie workouts.