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Torrey Smith doesn't like the grass at Heinz Field

One-dimensional Ravens receiver would rather see artificial turf at Steelers' stadium.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It's a shame the Ravens had to clinch the sixth-seed in the AFC playoffs in 2014.

It sent Baltimore to the place wide receiver Torrey Smith appears to enjoy playing the least; Pittsburgh. Specifically, it's the turf at Heinz Field, not the team that's limited him to an average of three catches and 42 yards a game in eight career meetings.

There is rain and snow in the forecast for the Pittsburgh area Saturday afternoon and evening, enough so to concern the speedy but inconsistent Smith.

"It's terrible, man," Smith said, as quoted by Baltimore Sun reporter Aaron Wilson. "They need to go ahead and put some turf up there or something. Apparently, the field gets a lot of use.

"That's good for them, but it's terrible for us playing this late. But I'm sure they'll do a great job prepping it. We'll use our fundamentals."

It's not exactly clear what Smith means by "that's good for them." It would seem it'd be good for any receiver who does more on a field than just run vertical routes. Not to mention the fact Smith was left in single coverage without a safety on his side of the field, and it resulted in a 35-yard touchdown pass in the Steelers' 43-23 win in November.

The field didn't seem to bother him then. It certainly didn't bother the Steelers receivers, who amassed 340 receiving yards in the game, led by Antonio Brown's 144.

Smith will use his fundamentals, though, we just aren't sure if that's been the key to his general lack of involvement against the Steelers in the past.