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Ravens vs. Steelers: Which Steelers player would you choose to play in this game?

Marshall Faulk is asking which Steelers player of yesteryear you would want to suit up Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens. Our choice is obvious; the man for whom Sunday's game is being played.


Which former Steelers player would we choose to play in this game? I'm not even sure we have to verbalize this question for the sake of initiating conversation, because we'd be answering Charles Edward "Mean Joe" Greene faster than it could be asked.

This is the best defensive player in the history of the NFL. No one dominated an offense like the Steelers Hall of Fame defensive tackle did. In his prime, he was unblockable. At the height of his game, physically and mentally, no one commanded more attention from an offense than Mean Joe.

His jersey will be retired formally this weekend, but even if it wasn't, no self-respecting player in Pittsburgh would wear No. 75. If Greene in his prime was suiting up for the Steelers this weekend, and for the remainder of the 2014 season, the Steelers would be prime candidates to make a run to the Super Bowl.

That's how good that man was.

Some other game-specific candidates...

Jack Ham would be nice to have. Outstanding in coverage, he'd help lock down Baltimore's primary passing options. They love throwing to their tight ends, and Ham could neutralize that option.

Casey Hampton in his prime was extremely difficult to move off the line, and his quickness off the snap would help force stretch runs out wide.

I'd love to see Steve Smith escape a jam off the line of scrimmage from Mel Blount.

The list goes on and on. Who would you take?

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