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5 questions with SB Nation's Ravens site Baltimore Beatdown

Behind The Steel Curtain met up with Baltimore Beatdown writer Matthew Stevens to discuss the particulars of the Ravens vs. Steelers matchup on Sunday Night Football in Week 9.

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The Ravens are a bit banged up in the secondary, but the Ravens' front seven is capable of getting pressure on any deeper drop by Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger. Do you think the Steelers will challenge the Ravens vertically, or will Pittsburgh focus on more of a ground-based approach?

I think the Steelers will have to challenge the Ravens vertically. With the Ravens having an injured Lardarius Webb on the field and no Jimmy Smith, I'm still not entirely sure who will be the Ravens third corner on Sunday night. The Ravens have been one of the best teams in the league at stopping the run and with such an inviting opportunity in the passing game, it would be silly for the Steelers to do anything other than attack through the air.

The Ravens traded up in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft to select LB Arthur Brown. They drafted LB C.J. Mosley in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft, and he was named AFC Defensive Rookie of the Month for October. Compare and contrast the two players; Mosley's on the field and is having success, Brown hasn't really contributed in two years. What happened?

This is absolutely one of the best questions I have ever been asked and it is so good that I can't actually answer it. Arthur Brown was looking the part of a starting linebacker and going into this season, it was expected that he and Mosley would split snaps. Then the Ravens decide that Brown should be a healthy scratch in every game. Some fans figured that they were going to trade him since they had Mosley playing great football but that never materialized. The current report is that Brown would have to contribute on special teams and that Harbaugh feels some other scrubs are better out there for that role only. Personally, I don't buy it and given the famous Harbaugh doghouse, I wonder if Brown just pissed on Harbaugh's shoes at some point. Truly, Arthur Brown should be out there at least taking a few snaps and playing special teams over the 15 safeties the Ravens want to suit up every week.

Will TE Owen Daniels play in this game? If he does not, give us some insight into what Baltimore's offensive game plan will be.

Owen Daniels has given every indication that he will play and I expect him on the field Sunday night. If he cannot though, the Ravens will roll forward with Crockett Gillmore. Gillmore got the starting nod last week and caught everything thrown at him and actually played pretty well. While I think the Ravens would rather have Daniels on the field, Gillmore is no slouch and you'll likely be seeing him in some fashion on Sundayregardless.

Elvis Dumervil gets two sacks, Joe Flacco throws for 300 yards, Baltimore has three takeaways, which of those stats is most likely to occur in this game, and why?

Baltimore has three takeaways - I think the Ravens rush the ball almost all game long and have Flacco keep his throws in the higher percentage arena than bombing all over the place. While the Ravens will probably get sacks during the game, I don't think it will come from Suggs or Dumervil as much as the defensive line in McPhee and Ngata. I do think the pressure and the eventual desire to attack the secondary will lead to mistakes being made and the Ravens grabbing three takeaways.

Which Steelers player would you take for the Ravens (contracts aside)?

Antonio Brown! The Ravens need a wide receiver after Steve Smith decided to hang up the cleats. Torrey Smith is looking like a younger version of Jacoby Jones. Jacoby Jones is looking like Jacoby Jones in his last year in Houston and the rest of the guys are kinda scrubs that fit into a scheme more than are just good players. That isn't a knock on the Ravens receiving corps, but more of a reality of their limitations. The Ravens desperately need that number one type of receiver that can carry a game and help his quarterback look good and Brown is that type of guy for the Steelers. So without more than a second's though, Antonio Brown is the guy I want over here immediately.

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